Don't look away!

Don’t look away! Be aware and react in cases of sexual exploitation of children in the context of travel and tourism.

Sexual exploitation of children (i.e. a person who is less than 18 years old) in the context of travel and tourism, is a violation of children’s rights and a serious problem throughout the world. Many children do not receive help if people who observe suspicious situations i.e. in hotels, motels, bars, restaurants, discos or situations related to a child traveling with an adult or alone in i.e. airlines, trains, cars, decide not to report it to the Police.

We believe that through a joint initiative of the Nobody’s Children Foundation, the National Police Headquarters, ECPAT International, campaign partners and partners from the tourism industry, we will be able to encourage society to respond to the alarming situations and we will enable society to inform the Police more easily about the cases of sexual exploitation of children in the context of travel and tourism.

How do we define the problem of sexual exploitation of children in the context of travel and tourism?
The sexual exploitation of children in the context of travel and tourism occurs when an individual travels, either within his/her own country or internationally and engages in sexual acts with a child. Sex tourism is linked to various forms of exploitation of children, consisting of the following offenses: prostitution, pornography and child trafficking. Perpetrators use tourist facilities and services – hotels, restaurants, resorts, airlines, taxis, travel agents etc. They can establish contacts with children in a variety of circumstances, such as on the Internet, on the streets, on the beach, in five-star hotels or cheap accommodations, clubs, bars, restaurants, train stations, nearby their school. No one who abuses a child should remain unpunished, even if they do it outside the territory of their country. Under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, “a child” is a person who is less than 18 years old.

When should I send a notification or should I call?
The Police can effectively prevent cases of sexual exploitation of children, if the people who notice a suspicious situation report it. If a suspicious situation observed by you requires an immediate intervention, call 997 or 112, and in other situations, report it by sending a notification through the online form “REPORT”.
Even if you have no concrete evidence to prove that a crime against a child has been committed, you can notify about the situation which produces a suspicion of sexual abuse of a child. This way, you will bring attention of the Police to specific places or persons. In the online form you can describe the observed situation, the Police will examine the information and will decide whether to initiate proceedings. If you suspect a case of “child sex tourism”, don’t turn a blind eye, report it!

Who receives the information sent in the report form?
The completed form is sent directly to the criminal department of the appropriate county police headquarters in Poland or to the police headquarters of the capital city, with the Office of Criminal Service of the National Police Headquarters being notified at the same time. The information will be verified by the Police. The information provided is subject to the data protection regulations. The Nobody’s Children Foundation does not receive and nor has access to information and data provided in the form. The role of the Foundation is to inform about the problem through the website, as well as to provide and promote campaign materials and publications related to the prevention of sexual exploitation of children in the context of travel and tourism.

If the information is forwarded to the Police, for what purpose an additional website has been created?
The website and the reporting form have been developed by the Nobody’s Children Foundation in collaboration with the Police Headquarters in order to facilitate reporting of suspicious situations, pointing to the sexual exploitation of a child in the context of travel and tourism. Through the website you can send a notification without having to make a phone call, if the situation does not require immediate response and reporting by calling 997 or 112 numbers. Similar websites exist in other countries – more information on

Will the Police contact me?
It is possible that the Police will want to contact you for some explanations and additional information about the submitted report.

Can I send a notification anonymously?
Yes, you can report also without disclosing your personal data. Please note that filling out a form with the intention of making false statements or misrepresentation is subject to punishment. The provided information may initiate proceedings.

Can I amend or cancel my report after it is sent?

After submitting the form, you cannot withdraw it, but you can contact the Police and explain that there was an error.