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In order to deliver the information directly to the targeted Police unit in Poland, check on the map the region to which the information refers.

map mazowieckie mazowieckie-warszawa lubelskie podkarpackie malopolskie swietokrzyskie slaskie opolskie lodzkie podlaskie warminsko-mazurskie pomorskie kujawsko-pomorskie zachodniopomorskie wielkopolskie lubuskie dolnoslaskie
Have any measures been taken?
Additional information: Please, send any additional information that may be useful in the proceedings, such as a more detailed description of the situation, the registration number of the car, pictures, video files, etc.

Remember: This report form is not treated as a notification of an offense committed under the Article 119 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, because it does not meet the requirements provided for in this Article.

Note regarding the application form:
Completing the form with the intention of making false statements or misleading the Police is subject to the punishment. The provided information may result in initiation of proceedings.

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